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The tiny ceramic micro spheres present in the EXCEL Coatings paints, when dried, form a fine layer on the surface to which they are applied. A radiant barrier is produced in the ceramic beads which reflect the heat back to the atmosphere. The radiant barriers increase the R value of existing insulation by 50% approximately.

Our Ceramic EXCEL Coating paint is ideal for application on asbestos sheets, galvanized steel, enameled steel, aluminum roofing, cement tiles, clay tiles, RCC roofs, Polycarbonate sheets and asphalt shingles. White is recommended for peak thermal benefits as it lends itself well to faux-finish techniques.

Following are some of the technical details:

  • Solids by Weight: 65% (±2)
  • Solids by Volume: 50% (±2)
  • Tensile Strength: 240 psi (±20)
  • Temperature Limits: -18°C to 82°C
  • Elongation: 150% (±20) @ 75°F (24°C)
  • Hardness: 70 to 80 Shore A
  • Presence: 3.2 Perms @ 17 mils
  • Permeability: 0.05 Perm Inches
  • K Value: 0.050 W m -1 K -1
  • U Value: R=2.07=0.483
  • Radiation Value:
    • Infra Red Light: 90%
    • Ultra Violet: 85%
  • Crack Bridging: Bridges gap to 1.6 mm
  • Fire Resistance: Class A
  • Heat Reduction: 8 to 20 degree C
  • Reduction in chloride ion: 90%

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